So B and I went to the Amos Lee show at Workplay last night.  Here is the report:

1.  Wow, I don't know if its just Birmingham or if it's Amos Lee fans or what, but we were among the tallest people there.  Now, we aren't short, but we are no taller than average.  Lots o' shorties catching the set last night.  IT was good for us bc we were kinda in the back.

2.  GREAT cross section of people to watch.  My favorite of the night was the 50 or 60ish lady that looked at the "Trendy Looks for Your Age Group" section of a recent magazine and chose the hot trends for 20 year olds.  It was so wrong.  

3.  When Amos started playing, he was a touch stiff but after the 3rd song he really warmed up.  He was awesome.  It was the best concert I have ever been to.  I wish I could relive last night and hear it all again.  I don't think I've ever heard an artist I really, really, reeeeaaallly liked in that small of a venue before.

that's all I got.