Home from work and I just clicked on Bricks and Stones (one of my favorite links - the Feel Better about Yourself one).  One of the items was "Does Shenae Grimes have a Coke Problem?".  To sum up, they showed this little clip of her at some red carpet thing and basically said no one could be that energetic and happy without being totally coked up.  Thinking, "Wow, this must be a train wreck", I clicked on the video to see for myself.

She reminds myself of me.  I must irritate the hell out of people.

I am a generally happy person and have been all my life.  Seriously, the saddest I have ever been was when I broke up with my HS boyfriend two weeks before I graduated.  I bet lots of people out there in the world want to slap me every day.  Either that or they all think I have a coke problem.  Which I don't.  I have seen myself on film before and I was embarrassingly like Ms. Grimes.  I really must do more to cultivate a dark side.  Any suggestions?