Going back with an old template.  Apparently, when you clicked on "archives" on the other template, it took you to porn.  I apologize to anyone who was lead to such a site.  You have my pledge that Bubblegum is a family friendly site. : )  For the most part.

I haven't been blogging bc I've been Facebooking.  I really am going to have to reinstitute FB Fridays.  Not that I ever kept FB Friday, but I might need to now.  I mean, I was all up in it at first, then I didn't get on for several weeks.  Then, last weekend, I was bored and got all up in it again.  It is taking over my life again!!!  I must stop.  Just say no to FB.  Except on Fridays.

This week has been insane with working, kidding and Christmas Partying.  That's why its taken so long to get these pics of the December Scripts kit up!!!  Lucy really did a great job with the kit this month.  Cute vintage touches.  Great colors.  Very nice.