Good evening dear readers.  It has been a rough week for me.  Deadlines at work.  No life.  Broken Kate Spade sunglasses.  But at least I am one of those people that crazy things happen to, and I can laugh at myself.  Because Lord knows, if I could not laugh at myself, I'd cry non stop.

Today, Maleah and I were exiting the ladies restroom together at work.  I opened the door for her and she walked out into the hall ahead of me.  Once we rounded the corner into the cube farm, I hear a loud, "Katie!"  I immediately stop and go back.  Standing in the hallway is a Nina from inside sales and the Controller (my de facto boss), Rob.  Nina runs up to me and says, "Your skirt is tucked up".   Hand to heaven, the edge of my skirt was tucked up either into my unders or the waist of my skirt.  It all happened very quickly and I didn't really take time to examine it so I just tugged it really quickly and it came into order (just for the sake of your mental image, the skirt is basically made out of tee shirt material, is very flowy, and hits right at the knee).  Now, its one thing for a fellow female to catch you in a wardrobe mishap.  It is QUITE another for your boss to do so.  Esp. when your boss is really smart, you kind of feel like a mental midget in comparison and are trying to convince him you have an IQ in the triple digits.  "Hi, I'm intelligent and highly capable!  I also sometimes tuck the edge of my skirt into my underwear."  Maleah just RAN OFF (thanks for the support, M).  I kind of trotted along behind her.  We were both crimson-faced.  

However, as I stated before, stuff like this kind of happens to me all the time.  Those of you who know me well are not suprized by this story.  So, fortunately for me, I just kind of laughed it off.  Belinda also really enjoyed the retelling of the story.  Rob did drop by to tell me, no matter how much skin I showed, my adjusting entries were still due by 2pm today.  He also kindly mentioned later he just thought the slit in my skirt was cut a little high.  Granted, its the kind of skirt that doesn't have a slit, but whatever.  

I'm still pretty embarrassed.  I mean, even for me, this was kind of alot.

Have a fantastic weekend.