Seriously.  You can totally bake.  I remember those cookies from Drew and Blake's party and they were fabulous.  So, please, please PLEASE make us some Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.  I'm with Karly - as long as there is buttercream frosting on top, the cake part is not important.

I am really getting excited about my "Use Your Scraps/Stash" class on Saturday.  If you haven't signed up yet, there are THREE spots left.  You can sign up by calling the store or emailing me.  I've seen the student list so far and some of my favorite people will be there : )

This week has been a bear.  Our stuff is due on Friday (tomorrow).  ick.  I could work on my account for a year and still probably not get it right so Friday is as good a deadline as anything.  Did I mention I hate the winter?  I guess since I have traditionally hated the months of Jan and Feb all my life, accounting was a good fit for me.  Jan thru March is a bad time of year for accountants.  I need a day off.  

My dear friend Hilary sent me a link today and everyone should go read it.   Its actually fairly scary.  You've been warned.  

Let me leave you with a Scripts layout.  The wonderful and talented Elizabeth Bailey took the picture : )  Isn't Brian Hot?