So, I love looking at my sitemeter.  My favorite thing to do is look at the "by location" section.  Its hilarious because it's a list of Birmingham, Alabama; Pelham, Alabama; Valley, Alabama; Jakarta; Birmingham, Alabama; Sweeden...etc. etc.  My posts about New York get alot of hits as "New York Bubblegum" apparently is a popular search.  I also get alot of hits from my posts about Chuck Bass.  The love of his badness is universal.  I always click on the unusual ones (ie. out of the country or weird places like NYC or California) just to see what brought those people to my blog.  Usually, its a link from Scripts or another scrapping blog.  

Today I actually clicked on one from Mexico to look at what they saw when they landed in Bubblegum.  It was my blog in Spanish!  It was so funny to me.  The title was "Chicle" (apparently Spanish for bubblegum).  Even the comments were in Spanish.  It just made me laugh.  

Potty training the Tiny P this weekend.  Wish me luck.