Things that are Awesome:

1.  Spring Green
2.  75 degree weather.
3.  Let it Be Me by Ray LaMontagne
4.  being healthy
5.  Toad Hollow Chardonnay
6.  Salad 
7.  Movies on Demand (watch as much as you want for 24 hrs!)
8.  Friends who really know me and love me anyway.
9.  JCrew Driving Mocs (hot pink and crazy on sale)
10.  Fresh Salsa
11.  Insane Color Combos
12. VPN
13.  Tiramisu
14.  No more diapers!!!!!!
15.  Sweet B
16.  The Word and its amazingness
17.  iPods
18.  wedges
19.  little arms hugging around your neck.
20.  getting the inside joke on If You Seek Amy.

Also, I need your help out there in blogland!  I am working on a new playlist called "Spring and Love".  All I have so far are two songs from Ray LaMontagne and Umbrella by Rhianna (i know, I'm late to the Umbrella party -  I really love that song).  Send me your favorite awesome love songs.  I need them for my Spring playlist.