Dreary and depressing.  Where is my pleasant, 73 degree spring weather?

Something I find funny (not depressing) is how normal, reasonable adults will go to GREAT lengths to hide goldfish death from their children.  I thought maybe it was just this one friend of mine (coughcoughbelindacough), but apparently, its kind of wide spread.  My friend has bought numerous goldfish to replace dying ones and has even told her daughter that she has "taken the fish" to the vet when it was "missing" from the bowl.  It is cracking me up.  

Did anyone see the google april fools day joke?  It was funny.  

Just wanted to include the above pic of Leah, Karly and me in NYC a couple of years ago.  I really want to go back.  really really.

Also, remember the "I need $2300 spend at Anthropologie" post?  I now need probably twice that much to spend at J Crew.  Their new spring stuff is to die for.  Their embellished tees are to die for (and I so need MORE tee shirts).  So anyone who has any extra cash, please send it my way.