March 18, 2010

Plinky prompts from the last week

Thursday, Mar 18, 2010

Which whipped topping do you prefer: Cool Whip or real whipped cream?

Explain your allegiance.

I like real whipped cream. It tastes much better.

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010

What conspiracy theory do you believe in?

Besides that fake moon landing, of course.

The mob killed JFK.

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Tuesday, Mar 16, 2010

Share three things you do every day without fail.

Everybody has a routine.

Read the Bible, read The Upper Room, brush my teeth

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Monday, Mar 15, 2010

Spring is coming – what Easter candy are you excited to see back on store shelves?

Share what it is you like about this sweet.

Cadbury Eggs. Pure sugar. Pure genius.

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Sunday, Mar 14, 2010

Who makes the best cup of coffee around?

Describe what it is about their brew you like.

Chez Fon Fon makes a really good cappicino.

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Saturday, Mar 13, 2010

In the seemingly endless war between vampires and werewolves, whose side are you on?

Explain your affinity.

The Vamps. They are sexier. And Less Hairy.

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Friday, Mar 12, 2010

When's it okay to quit?

Sometimes, it's more respectable to throw in the towel.

When you've tried as hard as you can and you start to get diminishing returns.

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Thursday, Mar 11, 2010

Make a menu for a dinner party based on a favorite movie.

List the foods that represent or relate to the film.

this one is too hard.