This has been a pretty great week.

It started out exceptionally well with the purchase of this from Driver's Way. My dream Car. Henceforth known as the Volvo of Fabulousness. Be still my heart. Those of you who know me and especially those of you have taken a ride in my former car realize what a gigantic step up in the vehicular world this is for me.

I was on Cloud 9...until last night. The VoF started making an odd noise. I called DW this morning and took it into their service department this afternoon. Turns out there was a spring loose and they were going to order me a new one. They gave me a Chevy Malibu (aka the Malibu of Convenience or MoC) to drive for the afternoon. When I went to pick up VoF, they told me that they had also discovered something pretty seriously wrong with my car. Something about boots, I don't know. Not something that was bad in the short term but something that would have caused major problems down the road (like in 10,000 miles when my warranty had expired). If the spring had not have come loose, I might never have known. So, God loosened my spring so we could find and correct this problem before it was too late. Praise!!!!

More beauty reviews and a layout inspired by one of Campbell's dresses tomorrow.