I really REALLY hate AT&T.

They give the worst customer service of all time. Today, I spent two hours dealing with them because I had a bad battery in my phone. The first chick I dealt with took a look at it to make sure it didn't have "water damage" (no kidding). First, they tried to send me across town to their repair center (since my POS phone is still under warranty). I was like, "How much will it take to buy out my contract?".

I went as far as to go to the TMobile store and get info on a new account ($200 for 2 Droid Phones - not a bad deal).

I ended up going back to the AT&T store to get my payoff quote IN WRITING. The second guy I dealt with just gave me a new battery. I asked, "Why did she (the first girl - right next to him), not try a new battery?". He said, "I don't know".

Really? WTF. Seriously. Without the iPhone, AT&T cellular would go under.

Got a new Gelish Mani on Saturday. Pics tomorrow.

If anyone would like to bitch about AT&T, please do so. I'd love to see your response.