Painted a precious cute picture at the Escape Artist Thursday night. Thanks so much Lynn for being the awesomest instructor ever. I am so excited about my little Santa!!!

Here is a picture of my wrapped Christmas Presents. Yes, Dear Readers. I am COMPLETELY done. No more gifts to buy. No more presents to wrap. I hope this will let me enjoy the season a little more this year. Probably not, but at least I can hope!

I really can't blame Gelish for this one. The formerly indestructable fingernails I had in my youth are gone and have been replaced with peeling, splitting, paper thin nails. Thus, one of the reasons I wanted to get regular manicures. Not only are my natural nails unsightly, but they had gotten so damaged, they actually hurt. So, two weeks in, they are no longer perfect, but its not Gelish's fault. I still consider it a success.