Today is the 4th day of wear on the Gelish manicure I got Saturday. I have nothing but positive results. Peeps are amazed that it still looks completely fresh 4 days after the fact. I haven't babied the manicure either. I do all the same stuff I've always done - wash dishes, clothes, kids, work, etc. Not a chip. No fading. Sometimes I think they start to feel a little sticky when I wash my hair, but once I get out they are still glossy and unflawed. I'll keep you posted.

Went to see Ray LaMontagne at BJCC last night. He is an amazing performer. He sang songs I don't like on the CD and I could have listened to them for hours. The opening act, Secret Sisters (two actual sisters from Muscle Shoals, AL) were phenomenal. I am going to download some of their stuff from iTunes. Levon Helms, who apparently is some kind of godfather of Rock & Roll, was also there. I think he was a last minute addition and he was all of a sudden the headliner. I can't complain - the concert was FOUR HOURS LONG.

I would have liked about 3 and a half of Ray and 30 mins of the Secret Sisters. I do respect all that Mr. Helms has done for music. I also respect he's been married to the same woman for a really long time and that he is a cancer survivor. However, I really was not wanting to see him in concert.

Also, we sat directly behind the Alabama version of Heidi and Spencer Pratt. They kept kissing and giggling during Ray. And Spencer had a bad, stale laundry odor. ick.

Did some layouts this weekend. They feature my favorite semi pro ball player! I finally got into the "banner" trend on the Throwing layout. I like the result, if I do say so myself.

Have a wonderful day!