So, after the recommendation of my neighbor, Tara, I went and got a Gelish Manicure at L'Amour Salon today. I picked the color "Sweet Chocolate", as it was closest to the Metro Chic (Opi by Sephora) I had been using. This is a gel polish that is supposed to stay on your nails and not chip for two to three weeks.

Since my nails won't grow past the tip of my finger without splitting or peeling, I am hoping this will allow me to grow some nice, natural nails. I did the gel fill nails for a while and they left my nails in a very sad state. Plus the fact they would crack and I have an unnaturally serious fear of nail funguses (I think it's the Lamisil commercials with the cartoon fungus), I just couldn't do it anymore.

Since I have a renewed commitment to blogging, I will keep you all posted on the status of the Gelish Manicure.

Because there has to be pictures, here are some pics of some layouts I did this week. These are both a combo of the "Sweet Sue" and "Dear Diary" kits from Noel Mignon. All pictures courtesy of the ever brilliant, Virginia.