Goodbye to the two worst months of the year (with the exception of a few birthdays of some important people in my life).

To usher in the new SPRING season and MARCH BEAUTIFICATION, I purchased the darling Toms Wedges above. Once I break my feet in (bc they have gotten soft, being pampered in socks all winter), these will be oh, so comfy. I love them!

As much as I love getting my nails done with Gelish, I just don't have the time to run by there every other week. So, I am trying a combo of Develop 10 Calcium Gel (to presumably strengthen my nails) and Orly Bonder which is a rubberized nail polish that is claims to make your manicure last TWO WEEKS. Which, as you may remember, is the same claim that Gelish and all the other gel nail polish make.

I would take pics, but its raining here. Not enough light. I painted them Friday and they still look good.