I love this hymn.  It was one of my favorites from growing up.  I am currently watching this in my daily life in an extra highlighted way.

My Dad left Wednesday afternoon en route to Manila, Philippines for a mission trip.  He spent Wednesday night in L.A. and then headed to Manila via Tokyo.  

He did not make it to Tokyo.  

The earthquake that rocked Japan caused his flight to be rerouted to Sapporo (in Northern Japan).  He landed there safely and then caught a flight to Tokyo (yes - I don't know why he went to Tokyo - a better chance of getting out I guess?)  He sent Mom this email this morning:

"In Narita-overrun with thousands of stranded folks!  Korean air no openings for 4 days. Americansays can fly home Thursday earliest.  Delta is last hope, JAL cannot get me to Manila either, not sure they are flying there yet.  Stuck in Tokyo for now.  No sign of Roy.  Keep praying."

As a believer in Christ, I believe that all things work according to His purpose.  It is no accident Dad didn't make it to Manila.  It's no accident he is now in Tokyo.  The Lord wants him there for a reason.  

Dad's mission trip may have been diverted, but I believe God has put him in his current situation to serve the Lord's higher purpose.  

Granted, as humans, we worry for our loved ones when they are in mortal peril.  My Mother and I are greatly worried over this and Daddy is constantly in our thoughts.

However, something happened yesterday that gave me great comfort.

Yesterday morning, when I went to get my wedding ring from the ring holder (where I ALWAYS put it), it wasn't there.  I searched the house high and low for about 10 minutes (bc I had to take J to school) and resolved to perform a more thorough search once I got home that afternoon.  

The kids didn't recall seeing it.  Brian hadn't seen it.  I looked all over the house for it.  I couldn't find it.  

My Mom came over for dinner last night.  She looked for it.  No Dice.  Finally, I went through the trash bag we just threw out (a lovely experience, let me tell you).  No ring.

Mother misplaced her wedding rings a few years ago.  She looked everywhere for weeks looking for it.  One day she looked up and it was on top of a salt shaker.  Apparently, where she had left it weeks ago.  

Last night, after I had given up looking for my rings, I looked up on the chest where my ring holder was and noticed my rings sitting on top of a perfume bottle - apparently where I had left them yesterday.

I know this seems like a little thing, but I truly think God was sending me a message.  Brian, Mother and I had looked all over that chest.  In the drawers, in my jewelry box, in my ring holder, but my rings sat safely in plain sight on top of a perfume bottle.  I don't recall ever having put my rings there before and I'm not sure why I did it on Thursday.  I think God was sending me a few messages:

1.  I am faithful in little things, I will be faithful in big things.
2.  I am watching over your precious Daddy.  I will keep him safe.

I also don't think it was an accident My Mom was here for the whole looking for/finding the ring.  Since her ring losing story was very similar, I think God used this situation to send the same messages to her.

Another interesting/cool item:  The name of the perfume I had placed my ring was "Sake".  How 'bout them rapple tapples.