I have been completely and totally sucked in by Dancing with the Stars. I freaking LOVE that show. Almost as much as American Idol. Maybe even more. Here are my thoughts for the week:

- Did the judges saying Joey looked "feminine" this week somehow insinuate that it was Lance's influence since he was there this week?
- Speaking of Lance, is he like, dating, Alfonso Ribirio? Or are Joey and Alfonso friends from their pre Nsync/Prince of Bel Air days?
- Love Lelia Ali. However, every time she opens her mouth I think I am listening to a man.
- Does Apolo Ohno have caps? He and his partner are too cute for words.
- Did that guy really have to wax his chest?
- Steve Sanders looks old. His partner can really shake it.
- Billy Ray Cyrus looks kind of like Frankenstein when he dances.
- Clyde Drexler is painful to watch. Really, he doesn't even act like he wants to be there. How did he get into this competition. He needs to go.
- John Ratzenberger is only slightly less horrifying than Clyde. He can go next.

Guess who I want to win. I'll give you a clue - its not Apolo, but if he wins I won't be disappointed.