Sometimes you have a question or problem for which you have no answer. You think about it night and day and can't figure it out. Then out of the blue, you realize the answer. I am in this major loving of 70's music right now. There is a song I really want to get that is running thru my head but I dont' know the title or artist. I thought it was by Steely Dan yesterday. No dice. Then today I think, "The Doobie Brothers!". I was sure they sung the song, but alas no. I feel that soon I will think of the band and then be able to search iTunes and get my song. No answer quite yet, but it is coming.

Can you tell I haven't had much sleep. 2 cokes and a non fat grande latte from Starbucks plus a 30 minute nap and I am still exhausted.

Another thing that takes time...weight loss. I am really tired of being so large. It is getting on my nerves. I have this cute pretty person in my head that I want to be and then I look in a mirror and am devastated by the reflection. Lack of sleep and tan does not help.

Another thing that takes time...relationships. Throughout my life, I've had alot of friends, but they were mostly "surface friends". You know, the kind of people you like, but don't reveal your innermost feelings to for fear of rejection or something. Now I feel like I have fewer friends but they know the real me. Its taken me close to a decade to get there with these people. That's a long time. You don't just run out and get friendships like that. You gotta take time.

Another thing that takes penne pasta. That stuff takes forever.

Yet another...proofing photos. I am so picky. I have found some good ones lately. I don't want to post them here in case some sicko is looking at my blog. The world's gone crazy.

OOH. Got to go. One Tree Hill is on. I freaking love SoapNET.