Wow its hot. Really hot. Hellish hot...and I like the heat. I thought I was going to have a stroke waiting in a drive thru line today.

Let me let yall in on something. For those of you that do not scrapbook.

I am a scrapbooker. Yes, it has a reputation as a dorky hobby. There is some dorky stuff out there, but I like to think of what I do as more artistic. Anyhoo, it is a HOBBY. It is Just A Hobby. However, there is a small subset of scrapbookers that are apparently WAY too involved in the hobby. They resent some of the "scrapping success" of others and have created a blog where they constantly bitch and gossip about people in the scrapbooking industry/community. I have NEVER been mentioned so I don't have a personal ax to grind, but isn't this the lamest thing you have ever heard of. Since there are maybe 2 people that read this blog that scrapbook, the rest of you must be thinking, "She's kidding right?". There is an entire blog devoted to how crappy someone's scrapbook pages are, what famous scrapbooker's husband is cheating on her and what scrapbookers are lesbians, etc. I mean, people in High School were never this vicious.

Got the silver Croc flats today...they are so going back. Not only are the unattractive, but they are uncomfortable. Hopefully the Keens will do better.

J woke up early from his nap so gotta go.