We've been out of town. Sorry no post. Getting ready to go and actually going took kind of alot.

It was fun though. The beach house is covered up with kids now. A totally different feel than it used to have. After reviewing the weekend in my head:
-I think I kind of mentally checked out for the vacation.
- I told PK's cousins some dumb, non-sequitur stories. They probably think I'm an idiot and are sad I am in their family now.
- Cosmo's at the beach is my new favorite restaurant.
- Just because you go to the beach doesn't mean you'll come back tan.
- J watches too much tv.
- I need greens on a regular basis.
- I drink way too much Diet Cherry Coke.
- Birthday cake CAN be too rich.

Gearing up for the big par-tay on Saturday. Hope it doesn't rain. Went to a kids party yesterday and they did not have fod for all the adults and it was still a great party. Have decided to DEFINATELY get the Bob the Builder hats as favors. Must get alot of organizing done before then (Kacy - are you reading this and beaming with pride?).

Finishing up MMM entry too, I just finished the journaling on the one I have to send (actual LO, not copy) last night and it will KILL me to send that LO knowing I won't get it back unless I win. It is one of my favorite LO's ever.

Going to see Harry Potter in IMAX this week (Virginia- wanna come?) and I am so excited!!! Also saw The Devil Wears Prada for the FIRST time last night. LOVED IT. However, I found myself wishing I could be Miranda's (Anna Wintour's) assistant, irl. I would totally dig all the clothes and free stuff from Runway (Vogue). See, at my former jobs, I took pretty much the same crap, worked the same long hours and got no free designer stuff for it. So, I'd be perfect for the job.