glad that its Friday because the weekend is always fun, however, since PK is playing golf tomorrow it will be kind of like any other day.

Had lunch with a dear old friend of mine, Katie Bell. We've been friends since we had braces. She is still the most naturally beautiful human I have ever seen up close. Three kids and she still looks like Heidi Klum. I'd hate her if she also wasn't one of the nicest, most down to earth people I know. It is so nice to see her. She's just such a ray of sunshine.

anyway, we ate at Whole Foods and I had a much better experience there this time. No J running around like a mental patient. Not Sunday so way less crowded. I forced myself to only eat foods that were labelled since last time I chose mystery meat. This time I got the tilapia (excellent), a portobello/red pepper/asparagus medly (super excellent) and hummus (pretty good, but could have used more garlic). I did not get the cupcake due to the fact it was only half good. Was going to go by edgars for a REAL cupcake but decided to check a couple of places for these instead:

I am looking for some comfortable New York shoes (comfortable shoes are ESSENTIAL to a trip) and these are like $30. Except I want them in black. NO dice anyway. I also found some cute Keen shoes (black suede) that I may try to order too.

Looking forward to the weekend.

Thanks for all of your sweet posts. I'm really ok. I'm not having a nervous breakdown. Just the tired gets to you sometimes.