Well, the tests came back. All normal, but not normal enough if that makes sense. We will still be seeing a specialist. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I like the cybersupport.

Had to reorder prints for MMM TWICE already. We won't share with PK how much it is costing me to enter this little contest.

Speaking of contests, there is another one I am entering. Wish me luck.

PK had a bunch of boys over last night to play poker which got me thinking...why not have a girls poker night. We have a nice poker table and a nice place to party. PK could teach us how to play (or Karly could), we could have a few snacks and drinks and have a good old time. Kids not invited. Sorry. What do my fellow blog readers think?

I am a dork. I am really excited about the Harry Potter book coming out on Saturday. I'm not "buy it at 12:01" excited, but I'll probably take the kids pretty early Saturday morning to buy it.

Cam did NOT sleep well last night. Teeth I hope.