I am so sad. Sabrina was my favorite DWTS (besides Kelly Taylor - who seems very normal in real life) and so so fun to watch. And she's gone! Do you think it had something to do with the fact her outfit was TRES unflattering Mon. nite? And count me with the masses that think she has something going with her partner.

Other DWTS comments:

- I used to think Cameron Matheson was totally hot. Now, I think he is a huge dork. I fast forward through him (as I always watch DWTS on Tivo)
- Why does Edyta bother me? Is it because she barely wears clothes when dancing? She seems fairly normal and likeable when they interview her. For example, last year, when she was dancing with John Ratzenberger (Cliff from Cheers) and she said she felt uncomfortable doing the Rumba with him because he was old enough to be her father...I thought that was very level headed. Still - she bugs.
- I cannot watch Marie Osmand. I don't know why. I loved the Donnie and Marie show as a kid. Maybe I od'd in my youth.
- Jennie Garth is too cute. The part two weeks ago when she went to the hip hop instructor was hilarious. ITs about exactly how I would be if I was taking said lessons. The face she made when the instructor was telling her how to stick her butt out was priceless.
- Who else is SOOO glad we don't have to watch the pain that is Mark Cuban dancing?
- Poor Jane Seymour. I felt so bad for her when she was doing the Jive. It was horrifying.
- Has anyone else noticed that choreography-wise pretty much all the dances showcase the woman dancing? With one exception - Maks. I know they always make jokes about what a huge ego he has. I bet we have no idea.
- Posh looks extra tiny next to the other spice girls.
- Did I mention I am so going to miss Sabrina next week?
- The only reason Helio is still on is because everyone likes Julianne.
- Julianne's brother looks like a Ken Doll.

That's all I got today. Happy Trick or Treating Everyone!!!