So, the bebe had a tummy bug this weekend. Started Thursday. Today was the first day she did not throw up at some point. I am still shocked to the teeth that no one else got this bug. Its a first. Esp. for me since I am ultra sensitive to all stomach viruses. Thank you Lord for mercy.

Poor Alabama. Poor John Parker. Oh well. Better luck next year v. LSU.

Am attempting to make gumbo. Included in the making of the gumbo is cooking 4lbs of chicken thighs and making my own roux. The recepie said prep time 45 minutes. It took me and my Mom over an hour working together to get to step 2 of the recepie. Needless to say, I had to quit and will resume tomorrow, as I know once you start making your roux, you can't leave it for any reason whatsoever or it will be ruined. Wish me luck!

I am 50% done with my HOF entry for next year! Granted, none of this has been approved by Vanessa so I could be 0% done, but I like all of the ones I have done so far.

I am so glad that some of the other folks over at Scrap Etc. are reading Twilight. They are all over it. Just wait until they read Eclipse (my personal favorite). A part of me is jealous that they have never read it and they have the ability to read it for the first time (although, you really need to read New Moon twice to really enjoy it). If only Stephanie Meyers could get thru with Breaking Dawn a little faster. I have to wait a whole freaking year. Have I mentioned that before? Mrs. Kathy - let me know if you like them yet or not!

Borrowed Scream Free Parenting from Karly this weekend. Seems like a good book. Although, with my genetic predisposition to screaming, it will take a good deal of effort on my part to put this into practice.

Not even really looking forward to DWTS this week. No Sabrina. She was such a good dancer. Maybe they could just bring her back and let her do some exhibition dances.