I got to watch DWTS last night for the first time in real time all season (in lieu of tivo). You really do miss something not watching it live. I am liking some Mel B and Jennie. Please - NO MORE MARIE! I am ambivalent about Helio. He seems so sweet. Like a cartoon. A few questions/comments:
- Where has Peter (Jennie's husband) been the last few weeks? Like the first couple he was there cheering her on, but where is he now? Keeping the girls?
- I never pegged Juilanne as a Rascal Flatts fan.
- I love the arm raise when Bruno gives a 10.
- HOw pumped are all yall about Marc and Sabrina dancing tonight? I wish they would just do an expo dance every night. They are so good.
- I think Scary Spice and her husband are kind of cute. I have almost completely forgot that she just had Eddie Murphy's love child earlier this year.
- Is it me or does Victoria Beckham look a little put out to be on the backstory scenes? She seemed better when they were interviewing just her, but when she's with the group its like, "Ugh. I'd rather be hanging out with Katie Holmes or my hot soccer player husband".

J had a party today at school. I brought the chicken nuggets, cookies and capri suns. It was quite the party.

to Mrs. Kathy: I read the Anne Rice vampire books when I was younger (like jr hi or hi school - I forget). They were good, from what I remember. The first 2 are better than any of the others. Isn't it ironic that when I should have been reading YA books, I was reading Anne Rice and now that I am an adult, I am reading books for teenagers.