because I keep gawking at all the beautiful fall leaves on the trees. I know, I'm a huge dork, but I think they are just so pretty. Unf., they don't last very long. A week or so. How can people deny God's existance when they see fall? Its like all of nature is just screaming out!

Went to Mickey D's today with the kiddies. J got stuck in the maze and I climbed in to get him. Poor little thing. He was scared. It broke my heart.

So, Mrs. Kathy - did you really like the books? Karly said you did, but I didn't know if she was just saying that to keep from hurting my feelings (I am a touch attached), Amanda - they are on their way to you.

Not much to say today. Glad Cameron is gone from DWTS. He bugged. The Office was great last night. I can't believe Jan didn't break up with Michael. If the writers don't quit striking, we may never know what happens. I am totally on the writer's side, btw. I mean, without good writing, you have NOTHING.