so I watched Teen Movie Classic, She's All That starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachel Leigh Cook. Wow. Here are my thoughts:
- What a crappy movie. Talk about lack of character development. The leads have like 4 conversations and they become "best friends". Give me a freaking break.
- Are Anna Paquin, Usher and Lil Kim SO embarrassed they were in this movie? Seriously, Lil Kim? I bet people gave her hell about it when she was in jail.
- Sarah Michelle Gellar made a cameo. How nice to support her man.
- Rachel Leigh Cook has the acting range of a spatula.
- Pixar films have better plots, character development and acting.

I want to beat the crap out of the person who invented the Daylight Savings/Standard time thing. They clearly did not have little kids. I actually prefer DST, but the change is totally screwing my family. The kids have decided that 4:30 ST is their new wake up time. Its precious. Thank the Lord my neighborhood Starbucks opens at 6am.

Gumbo is gone or frozen. I have absolutely no desire to eat it at all.