Leah F. Jackson of Trussville, AL writes, "How did the Gumbo turn out?"

Actually, Leah, to borrow a phrase from you, it was the bomb diggity. Better than I have had in restaurants. Restaurant gumbo always tastes a little "reheated" to me. This gumbo is definately fresh. After literally hours of prep (cutting and browning meat, making the roux, letting it simmer, blah, blah, blah) I had my first bowl. It was excellent if I do say so myself. The only way it could have been better is if it were seafood gumbo.

You may ask yourself, dear reader, "Will she make it again?" The answer to that query is a definate no. You see, the recepie makes like servings for 500. After one bowl I was pretty much cured of my craving for gumbo, yet I have 498 servings left (Prom King also ate a bowl). Thus, I will have to freeze the gumbo (which will then take the "reaheated" taste upon reheating) and give some away (I told my Mom I'd give her some if it turned out well). Also, it was a huge freaking pain in the booty to make. Next time I crave gumbo, I think I can get over the "reheated" taste and just go buy a bowl somewhere.

I will have to come up with some other "signature dish" to inspire fond memories in my family (ie. "...mmm its fall. I am really craving some {insert signature dish here} like Mom made each fall. Nothing better than that.") Right now, the only signature dishes my son associates with me are chicken nuggets (frozen), cheezeburgers (from McDonalds) and string cheeze (from a packet).

So, if you are in the neighborhood, drop by. I'll reheat a bowl for you. Because once its gone - it is really and truly gone. Really. There will be no more.