So, last night I went to this holiday party I usually go to (it was at Karly's house which looked BEAUTIFUL). We always do a Dirty Santa ornament swap. Usually, I could care less about what I bring and what I take home, but since I am all about the Christmas spirit this year, I cared. Weeks ago I went to a cute little shop here in town that sells stuff from regional artists and picked out the CUTEST flying pig with a Santa hat ornament )Sorry the picture is crappy, but its night and I had to use the flash). I hoped, in my heart of hearts, there would be some way I could get my own ornament. Isn't that the Dirtiest Santa of all. So, I totally stole mine when I had the chance and wrapped it up so no one would see it. Although, there wasn't alot of stealing this year. Boring.

Finally used some of the PRECIOUS Junkitz Desitnations paper to make some NYC layouts. Very happy with the way the last one turned out. I love that whole line. Its been a while since there has been a whole line of anything anywhere that I absolutely love every bit of it, but this is one. You can see it here:

Just read today that Robert Pattinson has been chosen to play Edward Cullen in the movie version of Twilight. The only person that might even be reading that may even care about this movie AND who this person is would be Virginia...because Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in HP and the Goblet of Fire. How about that. A big one for those of us in the world that are fans of Twilight and HP.

The Lord was totally looking after me today. Leah and I were taking our boys and my girl plus Drew (Karly had a hair appt.) to McWane this morning. I was sitting in my car waiting for Leah just letting the battery power the radio. Just as we got ready to leave my car just dies. Deader than a doornail. Due to a great deal of experience in the area of dead car batteries, I realized that I indeed had a dead battery. So, Leah, Karly and I were trying to figure out how to jump the battery off when TWO very nice gentlemen (one who was actually carrying some kind of tool bag) came along and helped us. We were able to go to NTB and get it replaced really quick (like super quick, like 10 minutes, it was amazing) and make our way downtown. I mean, what are the chances that:
1. My battery died at the last possible moment before leaving the suburbs for the dangers of downtown
2. There were two people there at that exact moment that were able and willing to help.
3. There was NO ONE at NTB so we got the battery changed in record time.
too much to be coincidence. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for looking out for me and my kids today.