I'll go ahead and tell you, my clothes are bad. Not highwaisted Mom Jeans/Reeboks bad...not What Not to Wear bad (but close)...but pretty bad. See, when you are pregnant a majority of the last 3.5 years, your wardrobe takes a hit. I can't really buy alot of new stuff right now. Since I was super preggie this time last year, that means all of my winter clothes are 2 years old - too short, too pilled, too bad for me. I have managed to purchase a few tee shirts for every day wear so I won't be walking around naked, but my nice, go out somewhere without kids wear is nonexistant. I have been even more upset about this as of late because I've run into a couple of stay at home mom's that dress super cute and its made me want to step up my game.

So, this morning I met my Dear Mother-in-Law (to henceforth be known as DMIL) at the mall to have the kids pics taken with Santa. I thought, "I'm going to dress cute today" which basically meant I wore dangly earrings and my cute little metallic JCrew Ballet Flats (purchased on sale with a gift card) instead of my usual diamond studs and Danskos. I also wore my (fake, not stolen) True Religions and a cute layered black top/grey tank from JCrew (which actually has some weird stain on it, but you can't really notice it). I felt cuter than usual.

After the picture, DMIL took J with her to her house and Cam and I followed in my car. We all got there at the same time. When DMIL let Cam and me in, she said, "I think J had a poopie accident". I got spare pants from the car and went down to take care of it. No big deal...these things happen.

Unfortunately, it was the worst poopie accident my son has ever had. I'll skip the details and just say a bath was required. So, as I was outside washing J's clothes out with the garden hose at DMIL's house, I looked down and I had some poopie on the toe of my cute little metallic JCrew Ballet Flats and thought, "This is why I dont' have nice clothes". I also have baby snot all over my cute little tee shirt. It shows up nicely on the black. On the way home, I also noticed a little poop on my jeans. I feel like I need to take a bath in Clorox.

If I spent the money on nice clothes instead of just going cheap with the Made In China tee shirts they would all be ruined. So, maybe I can reconsider stepping up my game when the kids are in school. For those of you that see me at non-child functions, bear with me a few more years. I can't afford to buy expensive stuff I'll only wear one time. Still wish I could dress cuter...HEY! Maybe one of you can call Clinton and Stacey for me.

Have a Very Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you all before then!