I am so freaking mad right now.

Ok. Every time we get in the car, J likes to be the one to open the garage door. He climbs into my seat and presses the remote to open the door. HE also likes to play with all the dashboard controls while he is up there (which he is not supposed to do). I tell him he can open the garage door if he then puts back the remote and gets in his car seat. Usually, he does this pretty well. Unf. for me, this week he is acting like a brat. So, I yell at J to get him to get in his car seat. I put Cam in her car seat and close her door. I close J 's door and go to open my door so I can get in. My door is locked. So are all the other doors. My purse, with my keys, is in the front seat. So, the kids are strapped in their car seats and locked in.

I think to myself, J is a smart kid, he can just unhook himself from his car seat and unlock the door. "You need to help me," he says. No dice. I am getting REALLY angry now. Because I look at him and he is not even really trying to unhook himself. He just wants to be stubborn. Then, he picks up his bagel and starts eating it (he also usually waits until right before we go somewhere to decide he is hungry enough to eat breakfast so he eats it in the car alot). Just staring at me eating his bagel. "J, put the bagel down and unhook your car seat," I say. "I hungry" he replies.

I finally called Prom King to come unlock the car. He is on his way. I had to leave the basement to stop myself from completely losing it.