Today, I promised J we would go to Chic Fil A. He always says, "Can we go inside?", which means, "Can we go inside and play on the indoor playground?". My answer is usually, "No, we are just doing drive thru", but today, I relented and told him we could go in. I feel bad never letting him play because he absolutely loves it. I've gone soft over the Christmas spirit I guess.

So, we started our day by going to the gym. No shower before the gym since one tends to sweat there. After the gym, we ran a couple of more errands before arriving at CFA. I am wearing nasty gym clothes which include a long sleeved XL party tee from a JR/SR party my junior year of college. I have on no make up. Greasy hair. Two kids in tow. Low and behold, I see a girl I used to work with. She looks perfect. We speak. She is nice, but I know she looked at me and sees the "SAHM gone to seed" stereotype alive and well in me.

So, we order our food and start eating. I feed Cam a YoBaby which she proceeds to get all over her face. V. Messy. Then, I see another guy I used to work with. When I speak (because he is really nice and wanted to say hello instead of hiding like I usually would) I see that flash of "Who is that?" go accross his face before he realizes who I am. Look Gap - as the Prom King would say.

Although, it was nice to see these people, I would have preferred to see them when I had taken a shower in the last 24 hours and had a little make up on. I swear, its been over a month since I did the "no makeup, no shower, go out in public other than the gym" thing. Contrary to the SAHM stereotype, 90% of the time, I actually do shower, fix my hair, put on make up and don clothes no one would consider wearing to bed before venturing out into town. Really. I swear.

On a much happier note: I got picked up by Better Homes and Garden's Scrapbooks, Etc. yesterday. This has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time and I am super excited they liked my work!!! May this be the first of many : )