Ok, its no secret I love all things JCrew. Their clothes are timeless, yet current. Plus, with the exception of their tank tops since 2005, fairly high quality. I mean I love every thing about them, even down to the tiny, forest green envelopes they put your receipt in at check out.

They know this too. So, they send me emails about new arrivals and sales every other day. They send me enough catalogs to destroy an entire rain forest. The latest arrival at my house was a small accessories only catalog. Its so bright and colorful, and I was excited right away.

About the 5th or 6th time I looked through it, I noticed, right there on page 10 that J. Crew now has a shoe of the month club. For only $1800 a year, you can get a pair of J. Crew shoes mailed to your house each month. Now, I am NOT a shoe person. I am firmly in the purse person camp. I have a hard time spending more than $50 on something that may possibly come in contact with dog poo. So, when I first saw it, I was like, "What a stupid idea". But then, I really started thinking about it, and I really thought it would be cool. I mean, how exciting would it be to open that package each month? You'd probably get a cool pair of boots in the fall and neat, funky heels in the spring. Granted, you'd probably get screwed one month with a pair of wellies and like, a pair of flip flops in August, but still....

So, totally something I want to do. The only problem? Lack of funds. Maybe I can do it if we win the lottery....Or maybe the nice lady that gave me the Saks gift card reads my blog : )