The pollen is killing me. I took the kids outside to play today. It was everywhere. Within like 30 seconds I was sneezing and rubbing my eyes...and yes I had already taken a Claratin. J had on a dark brown shirt and it was covered in yellow dust. I made him take it off before we went in the house. My toes had pollen all over them. If I wasn't allergic to it, I might think its pretty.

I am really enjoying the spring green leaves on the trees. Spring Green is my favorite color.

When I got my spring highlight a couple of weeks ago, Melissa curled my hair with a flat iron. I didn't pay attention while she was doing it because my hair just doesn't hold curl. I figured it would be gone within like 30 minutes after leaving the salon. But it stayed. Until I washed it the next day. I was amazed and I totally loved the look. I felt like a less crazy version of Farrah Fawcett or a shorter, fatter, less attractive Gisele. So, I made another appointment with Melissa to learn how to do the Farrah hair. This is what it looked like several hours after my lesson with Melissa. AFter faithfully fixing my hair in Farrah fashion for almost 2 weeks, I pretty much have the hang of it. Its not as curly as it was the first day...more like wavy, but a nice change. J took this picture, btw. He really likes taking pictures with my camera and isn't half bad. I mean, to be as little as he is, he can put his subject in the center and hold the camera steady enough to make the picture come out clear.

The tiny one got tubes today : ( Poor thing. After a 3 hour nap, she was as good as new and raring to go.

Let us have a moment of silence for my beloved Conch Shack that is closing after several years of business. The Conch Fritters were my favorite.