Saturday is National Card Making Day (did you know that?).  I am in the process of making a little card kit that will be sold on Saturday at Scrap Etc.  Again, I used the AccuCut to make tons of cute die cuts.  When you have cute Basic Grey paper and cute AccuCut dies, making cards is a snap.  All of the ideas are easy and inexpensive to replicate.  I mean, if you were looking for an excuse to join the Cut It Out club...cost effective Christmas Cards and Christmas gifts is your excuse.  AccuCut and Bind-it-All are making my Christmas gifts this year. 

I haven't included pictures of all the cards in the kit...this is just a sample.

The kit will include several general holiday cards as well as one picture card and one money holder.  For several of the cards, I've done cut outs with the AccuCut so you could easily include pictures inside the card that can be seen from the outside.

Also, I broke down and did something today I NEVER thought I'd do.  I willingly bought Jason a tee shirt with a Screen Print of a character on it.  I am NOT a fan of tee shirts with cartoon characters or any other type characters on them.  When I see like a Dora Bathing suit or a Winnie the Pooh overall set, I cringe.  Today at Target, J and C were running around like the wild indians that they are.  J brings me this Optimus Prime (Transformers) T shirt wanting me to buy it for him.  I had just picked out like 3 or 4 things for C so I felt so bad not getting any thing for him.  It was on clearance for $2.41.  It also sings, apparently (not sure how that works).  I looked into his sweet blue eyes and acquiesced.  Maybe he can just wear it when he stays with the grandparents.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!