I mean, if PK read the title of this post, he'd laugh.  Seriously, though with the economy in shambles I think everyone is interested in saving a little green cash here and there.   Now, I will tell you, there is something about the expensive store experience.  The stores smell better, the goods are slightly better quality, the sales staff much more helpful.  However, I'm not so sure that a $150 sweater keeps me that much warmer than a $30 one and even if the $150 sweater lasts for 5 years instead of just a season, is it really going to be in style.  So, in the spirit of frugality, I'd like to share with you my favorite cost saving items.  

1.  Target Designer Purses - Ok, now I am an admitted purse snob.  I love me an expensive purse.  However, lately, I've gotten over this somewhat.  I found myself lusting over a Balenciaga City bag with a price tag of about $1200.  It was so pretty and it would (say it with me now) last forever!  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that $1200 could go towards something much more worthwhile, like food for the needy or something.  I also realized that my little $10 Balenciaga knock off I got at Target 3 years ago made me very happy.  Why would I spend 120 times more to have the real thing?  Would it really make me 120 times happier?  Nope.  Also, Target is bringing in hip handbag designers to do bargain lines (note the purse above).  I purchased this little silver number at Target Online.  I saw a precious Botkier bag at Saks for $575.  I am just as happy, if not more so, with my Botkier for Target purse at $27.99.

2.  The big bottles of Shampoo at Beauty World - I have to use Kiwi shampoo.  Its the only shampoo I can use for my sad little head of hair.  It costs like $19 for a 5 oz bottle but you can pay $22 for the 2 liter shampoo and conditioner combo at Beauty World.  It may be out of the way, but suck it up and go to Beauty World.  When that stuff lasts 6 months, its worth it.

3.  WalMart brand Cetaphil cleanser - Cetaphil cleanser is the best thing in the world.  Now, at like $9 a bottle, its not the most expensive thing out there.  However, you can score the same cleanser, WM brand, for like $4.  Go for it.

4.  Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer -  In an effort to curb beauty costs, I purchased this to try in place of my normal Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.  Its 1/3 of the price and I actually like it better.

5.  OPI Nail Polish - Its the same stuff you get at the fancy salons (or the not so fancy salons) but you put it on yourself.  Buy yourself a little pumice to get those icky calluses off your feet and you've saved yourself $25 - $75 for a pedi.   

6.  Sales at JCrew - I love me some J Crew.  Now and then, they can be pretty proud of their stuff.  However, it will ALWAYS go on sale.  Please never buy anything full price there.  You'll be sorry.

Ok.  That's all I got for right now.  Please, if you have any good tips, feel free to pass them along!