Today just doesn't feel like a Tuesday.  Maybe its the lack of sleep.  WD wore me slap out.  I have fallen asleep before 9pm the last two nights.  It was nice.  Dead tired, but nice.

Had such a great fun time at WD.  It was nice to meet all the peeps I've been emailing with over the last few weeks.  Jennifer Fox - if you are reading, let me know you made it home ok!  Deanna - I still think you are mad at me.  I may enjoy the pictures but I will feel the guilt for all eternity.  Daphne - I know you will NEVER use the planner.  Amy - Thank you again for all of your help.  Its crazy how  hard it is to put those little books together!

The iPod is acting up again.  I have no idea why.  If Circuit City goes bankrupt, will my iPod coverage no longer be any good?

I bought the kids some fake cellphones today at WalMart.  Buzz Lightyear fake cellphones.  They always play with them at the check out and they were $2.38 so I figured, why  not.  They are crazy detailed and even have a fake camera feature.  J said, "Mom, say CHEEZE!!!" and held the phone out to take my picture.  He pressed a button and it made a little shutter sound just like a camera.  My phone doesn't have that feature, but apparently he's picked that up somewhere.

How 'bout that Tide?