Virginia tagged me to tell 6 random things about myself on my blog.  To that I say, "I can only pick 6?"

1.  I am on an obsessive hunt for the perfect lipstick/gloss, and I have been for years.  Now that I am reaching middle age (sadly) I get lipstick stuck in the vertical lines in my lips.  So, I can't go too dark or too matte.  However, I need more color and staying power than a gloss can give me.  Most lipsticks are too pink or too brown or too thick or too frosted for me.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

2.  I have a dog nose.  In saying that I mean I have a highly sensitive sense of smell.  This particular trait was extremely inconvenient when I was pregnant.

3.  I hate to spend money on shoes.  I like shoes.  I like to look at shoes.  I'm impressed when I see cute shoes on others.  However, its just hard for me to justify spending alot of money on something that has a fairly good chance in coming in contact with dog poo.

4.  When I read the Twilight series, I pictured John Parker Wilson as Jasper.

5.  I am very particular about my drinks.  I prefer to drink unsweet tea (brewed, of course) over pellet ice out of a 32 oz (or larger) styrofoam cup with a lid and a straw.  Change any of those variables and its not the same experience for me.  It's not as good.

6.  I return 80% of the things I purchase at Anthropologie.  I don't know if they pipe music with subliminal "buy everything in the store" messages or if they have some kind of scent that makes me want to spend money in there but something happens to me in Anthro.  I love the store, but each time I go in there and try stuff on, I somehow get convinced that $150 is a perfectly reasonable price for a wool sweater halter top!  I plunk my money down, take my purchase home and come to my senses.  So,  I take myself back up there and return whatever it was that I bought.  I do, however, often find good deals in the sale room (closet) and keep those.  I got a really cute kimono sleeve sweater for $10 once and a precious Alihop jacket for $39.  I have never purchased any of their home stuff.

So, its my turn to tag.  I tag Lucy, Brittney, Gretchen and Amy Steenwyk.  Karly and Leah - feel free to post 6 random things about yourself on Facebook.  Consider yourself Facebook Tagged.  Can't wait to see your randomness.