Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!   I hope everyone has a wonderful day and has many, many things to be thankful for.  

I forgot a few little details that bugged me about the movie.  

1.  The spider monkey line.  Karly reminded me of this one.  It was awful and completely uncalled for.  How did RP make those words come out of his mouth.

2.  The "flashback" scene where the wolves discovered the vamps towards the turn of the century.  All the vamps were surrounding some kind of dead animal and they were DRESSED TO THE NINES.  They all had hats on for heavens sake.  Really?  I mean, when they go out hunting, they get all dolled up.  Whatever.

3.  The look on Edward's face when he is sucking the venom out of Bella's arm.  I cracked up, laughed LOUD in the theater at that one.  He looked like a freak.

4.  The multicultrual diversity of Forks HS.  So, in this small Washington town, you have a perfectly representative group of people.  The cool clique includes African Americans, Asian Americans and Caucasian Americans.  However, they make the Native Americans go to a different HS.  Totally NOT believable at all.

That's all I got.