Maybe its just me, or maybe its the crappy economy, or whatever, but people seem to be more into the actual meaning of Christmas this year. Less presents, more fellowship. Less gimme gimme, more lets get together. I like it.

Another thing floating around in the air like magic - forgiveness. Its so nice to realize that the grudge you have been carrying around for years has disappeared. I don't think I'm the only one. I see people I know and other friends reaching out and accepting forgiveness from others. I don't think its just because its Christmas either. Something bigger going on for sure.

I need to post pics of this month's Scripts kit projects. I've done some fun layouts. Loving this kit!

I also need to post pics of the cute little prizes I got to give away to everyone at the HLB Christmas Party extravaganza. Thanks to Becky Holmes for hooking me up with these! I just hope they are ready by next week. Found a dress for the party at BR for $35. B was very happy with the price. Got boots on for $71. If you are wanting some boots, or some cute shoes for that matter, go to their site. Almost everything is on sale and you get an extra 20% off sale merchandise and free shipping. You absolutely cannot beat that.

Oh yeah. There's some little football game going on today in Atlanta. As J says, "We don't like the Alligators. We want Alabama to win!".