I really loved your positive comments about the month of January.  It did help.  For real it did.  I chalk my deep seated hatred up to the fact I was born in August during a heatwave.  I just can't be happy when it's so cold!

I was out there surfing on the World Wide Web and found a nice little blog done by some lady that has really great handwriting.  She also does address label stamps which are supercool.  Anyhoo, she had lots of quotes on her blog.  My favorite was:

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.

I copied and pasted the quote but not who said it.  I like looooong books when they are page turners and I definately like big cups of tea (or more accurately 32 oz or larger styrofoam - yes tree huggers, styrofoam cups with lids and straws).  I would have KILLED for one in NYC.  

Speaking of NYC I so want to go back.  Karly mentioned Magnolia Bakery the other day and I have a craving for one of their cupcakes.  

Spent 3 hours of today in the After Hours Clinic with Teenie.  She ran a 103.6 degree fever today.  The waiting room of any doctor in January is disgusting.  I am certain I contracted Ebola there, it was so nasty.  Oh, and Cam threw up ALL OVER me in the exam room.  She had a change of clothes.  I did not.  Ick.  Praise the Lord for hot running water.  January = flu season = one more reason January suuuuuuucks!!!

I leave you with a layout from the latest Twelve Fridays kit.  I don't know if you all heard or not, but our dear friends at Twelve Fridays are taking a hiatus until April.  This last kit was great.  Lots of blues and greens and fun Christmas Paper.  I got this idea from the MMM and recent marathon runner herself, Ms. Gretchen McElveen.  She did a layout that had all her 2007 Christmas Cards on it last year.  I get the best Christmas cards from friends and family.  I hate to throw them away, but I didn't know what to do with them.  So, I made this layout that has a nice little pocket to store all the cards we got in it.