Here's a recent layout I did with pics from J's birthday. J refused to let me take a decent picture of him. He is turning into a carbon copy of his Dad that is for sure.

It was a good week. Got things accomplished at work. J did have a fever virus, but it didn't hold him back too much. I've got stuff lined up for the kids in August and we are redecorating our office this weekend! Sweet B painted the office Benjamin Moore Split Pea. It is my FAVORITE COLOR EVER!!! Can't wait to show you pics of the whole remodeled thing!!!

Got a funny email from my Pop this week. It had this quote in it:

"Silence is Golden. Duct Tape is Silver."

made me giggle.

I want to put Shelter by Ray Le Montagne on repeat as loud as it will go. I so regret not going to see him when he was in town.

Not too much longer before we go to Vegas with the McElveens and the Halcombs. Gretchen and I are trying to set up the Bromance for all time between PK and Lee.

Have a fantastic Weekend.