A fun layout I did for an AC challenge. I did not win. However, I don't think they pick the winner based on merit. I think you just enter and they draw. So, I'm not like sad or anything.

Very hopeful about some things this week. Letting go of some grudges and bitterness because it truly isn't worth it in the long run.

I am also hopeful that one day I will get this. Not any time soon, of course. But like by 2012 (which isn't that far off, really). It makes driving the crappy Accord that I have now worth it if I know this will be my next car.

Hopeful also that all the people I know that have big worries on their minds will find that the Lord answers their prayers, and that all the things they are worrying about will not come to pass.

Saw the Hangover this weekend. That was a funny movie! I love that Andy Bernard was in it and that he had a solo. I love the Chinese Gangster. I loved the part with the kid and the camera phone and the rematch with the taser. So funny.

Also thinking of getting my hair cut like this. She is my style icon even if she has a few screws loose.